Coming Clean

So, I had lunch with a friend today and the subject of my blog came up.  She is a new mom and doesn’t have time to read the gajillion blogs that I read (I don’t have time either, but can’t seem to slim down the list for fear that I will miss a little gem).  She asked me to email her my 5 favorite blogs.  I have spent the evening trying to come up with a list.

1) This friend actually has briefly met the fabulous Raina from ifthelampshadefits, so including her in the list isn’t necessary.

2) I don’t want to include any blogs that are “too corporate”.  I totally admire bloggers that are actually making a living at it, but I need some actual perspective or added value, not just and un-ending list of “so and so sent me this product for free to try out, it’s great, you should spend money on it”.  Maybe it is jealousy speaking, but I’m not a fan.

3) I can’t stand an endless regurgitation of the same photos over and over again (i.e. Lonny reviews, Domino rehashing, etc.)  This has been my biggest blogging challenge over the past few months.  I have a ton of design projects (both mine and clients) that are almost photo ready and therefore blog ready.  Since I don’t have a ton of my own stuff to share (mostly my perfectionist tendencies not wanting to share anything that isn’t stunning in my eyes), I do use a lot of magazine and blog photos.  I am completely guilty of the regurgitation, so I likely wouldn’t make my very own list!

4) Again, probably my jealousy speaking, but I like blogs that keep it real.  Jenny from MFAMB and her endless cursing and inappropriate poop talk make me love her all the more.  The secret to The Pioneer Woman’s success isn’t in her delicious recipes, but in her confessions of hanging out in holey maternity yoga pants long after the birth of her youngest child.  Although I still read them, blogs that are all about “How my fabulous Adonis of a husband and jetted off to the south of France for the weekend, where I wore my new Louboutin’s with the new dress my best friend Stella McCartney made just for me” while not seeming to be gainfully employed leave me a bit cold.  I don’t mention it but I am frequently blogging from my bed semi-covered in dog hair procrastinating folding a zillion baskets of laundry or cleaning up my design office (again) , but I am surely real.  I am all for a bit of aspiration and escapism, but I want to know the person on the other side of the screen is fabulously real.

5)  I love a good DIY but when it jumps over the line into crafty crap, it loses me.

So, after that rant…What are your favorite design blogs?


Here's some regurgitation just so you know you haven't come to the wrong place!


About sanctuaryhome

The Sanctuary Home blog was created in May 2009 to augment my interior design business, Jamie Foley Interiors. Below is the design philosophy that guides my business and this blog. A beautiful house isn’t a home unless it speaks to its occupants and fits their lifestyle in appropriate and unique ways. I believe that design can be approached in two ways. The first is from the gut, what feels right. The second is from a logical methodical perspective. I design using the second approach. I feel that having a reason why a piece is selected, having similar elements in the room or throughout the home makes it feel unified even if the similarities are not obvious to the casual observer. It makes a home feel special and contemplative. Building the interior of a home is a process. I create a plan for investment pieces that will last a lifetime, filling in with less expensive, less important pieces that can be replaced when they wear out or look dated with additional investment pieces or of the moment trendy items that update the home. Using vintage or antique pieces with new grounds a home. If everything in a home is new, it feels like a model home, it has no soul. If you use all old pieces, if feels like you live in a garage sale. The beauty is in the mix. Creating timeless interiors involves using pieces from all design styles. It gives the home a layered look and allows a home to look as if the pieces have been acquired over time. Using furniture from all one style or period makes a home look fussy and intimidating. I look forward to working with clients with all budgets and design aesthetics to create a home that special to their family. I encourage clients to express their individuality throughout the entire design process, this ensures your home fits your needs and will delight you every time you walk through the door.
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One Response to Coming Clean

  1. susie q says:

    In addition to the fabulous ones you mentioned:
    Head Over Heels —
    Design Crisis —
    Remodelista —
    Design Wonderland —
    Delight by Design —

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