Never Tell The Internet Your Plans

Because they will most certainly turn out differently.  My living room is turning out much differently than I had planned.

First I found an amazing deal on a Brunchwig and Fils sofa – skirted and down cushioned goodness and kind of perfectly worn in.  Best of all, it was $200, so I won’t feel bad when I have it reupholstered in a few years.  Right now it is a orangey rosey color, which isn’t bad, just not what I planned.  Then I found this:

Redmond Stripe Recycled Yarn Indoor/Outdoor Rug

and it makes everything work perfectly! We found it at one Pottery Barn and it was marked $99.  They didn’t have it in an 8′ x 10′, but located it at another store.  We hightailed it over to pick it up but they had it priced at $139, we raised a little stink, but couldn’t get them to honor the $99 price….bummer.  But even at $139, it is a spectacular deal.

So now the accessorizing will have to change a bit.

I picked this pillow up from Ikea:

LAPPLJUNG Cushion cover IKEA Zipper makes the cover easy to remove for washing.

And this one from Target:

Threshold™ Upstate Round Pillow - Gray

and am planning on getting this one from West Elm:

Kantha Chevron Pillow Cover

Our leather chairs need matching these matching throws:

Threshold Tan Houndstooth Throw

which doesn’t appear to be available online anymore.  I sure hope I can find two of them in stores this weekend.

So the living room todo list looks like this:

  • 1 more pillow
  • 2 Throws
  • Curtains
  • Accessories
  • Rug Pad
  • Paint Cabinet
  • Botanical Print
  • End table

The rest of the house to do/to buy list looks this:


  • Lighting (World Market)

  • Shoe Racks- cheap ones from Ikea, they go in the coat closet, so fancy is not needed
  • Window Film- we need like this for our front door so we don’t get our neighbors mail anymore:


Dining Room

  • Paint Bar Cabinet -I am feeling something green like this.

Pinned Image

  • Mirror – still planning on this one:

Wales 30 in. x 30 in. Metal Antique Gold Framed Mirror-72930 at The Home Depot

  • Accessorize Bar (Tray, etc)
  • Lighting – I am using these, perhaps with a little customization

Grey Irving Burlap Shades, Set of 3 | World Market

  • Table Cloth/Fabric
  • Art

Vespa. $30.00, via Etsy.

  • Curtains with tie backs – these from Ikea, though I am going to use something else for tiebacks

RITVA Pair of curtains with tie-backs IKEA The curtains let the daylight through but reduce direct sunlight.


  • Headboard -I discovered this one on the Ikea website.


though I still sort of like this one better:

Scroll Headboard

an in person visit is required to make the decision

  • Bedspread
  • Pottery Barn Teen Pillowcases – still loving these

Urban Ikat Organic Sheet Set | PBteen

  • Art – this from Etsy

Denver Simple Skyline in blues and greens art print poster wall decor illustration

  • Roller Shade – I am a sucker for a blackout shade
  • Night table – This one from CB2, unless i find vintage in the next few weeks.


  • Lighting

LJUSÅS SALBO Table lamp - light gray/white - IKEA

or this one:

I’m not completely ecstatic about either of these, so we’ll see

  • Rug – I love this one from – on super sale

Bathroom- this is room is coming along, but still needs some finishing touches

  • Art – no idea what this is yet.  Perhaps some photography from my mom.
  • Baskets – I found some great baskets on sale at Target, I doubt they are still there.  I didn’t pull the trigger last weekend because the cart was pretty full and I could hear my husband having a panic attack over going to the checkout already.  Cross your fingers no one else has found them yet.
  • Toothbrush holder – Don’t ask me why this detail is so important, I had a mug to use as a toothbrush holder picked out at Fishes Eddy that isn’t available any more. Back to the drawing board.
  • Guest Towels


  • Rug – You may remember, I like this one from Urban Outfitters > 4x6 Oval Chindi Braided Rug

but it depends on the rest of the room.

  • Settee

I like this one:

Elton Settee, Performance Velvet, Lagoon

but we would really like to find something vintage or on Craigslist.  Unfortunately, everything we have found is either irrationally expensive or the seller has been unresponsive to our emails.  I decided to wait on a rug until the settee is found since one will affect the other.

  • Silverware Caddy – we have an extraordinarily small kitchen with virtually no storage.  I decided the best solution for our silverware is this:

or this 

Tava Flatware Caddy, Espresso stain

  • Lighting- this is still up in the air too.  I MUST replace the florescent-orama that is happening in there, but I haven’t found anything perfect yet
  • Canisters in pantry – I’m dreaming of this

pantry pantry project

  • Better garbage cans (recycling) – Photos aren’t required.

The reason for this concise list…. we are having a pre-holiday, overdue house warming at the end of this month.  I have no idea how much of this I can get done, but I at least wanted to have a game plan.

I’m working on updated mood boards.  I’ll be back soon to share.


About sanctuaryhome

The Sanctuary Home blog was created in May 2009 to augment my interior design business, Jamie Foley Interiors. Below is the design philosophy that guides my business and this blog. A beautiful house isn’t a home unless it speaks to its occupants and fits their lifestyle in appropriate and unique ways. I believe that design can be approached in two ways. The first is from the gut, what feels right. The second is from a logical methodical perspective. I design using the second approach. I feel that having a reason why a piece is selected, having similar elements in the room or throughout the home makes it feel unified even if the similarities are not obvious to the casual observer. It makes a home feel special and contemplative. Building the interior of a home is a process. I create a plan for investment pieces that will last a lifetime, filling in with less expensive, less important pieces that can be replaced when they wear out or look dated with additional investment pieces or of the moment trendy items that update the home. Using vintage or antique pieces with new grounds a home. If everything in a home is new, it feels like a model home, it has no soul. If you use all old pieces, if feels like you live in a garage sale. The beauty is in the mix. Creating timeless interiors involves using pieces from all design styles. It gives the home a layered look and allows a home to look as if the pieces have been acquired over time. Using furniture from all one style or period makes a home look fussy and intimidating. I look forward to working with clients with all budgets and design aesthetics to create a home that special to their family. I encourage clients to express their individuality throughout the entire design process, this ensures your home fits your needs and will delight you every time you walk through the door.
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One Response to Never Tell The Internet Your Plans

  1. Lovely…awesome…wonderful! Whatever you do will be fantastic. Let me know if I need to hit up any stores in Denver to fill your requests!! Big Hugs!

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